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Physical Sciences

The Department of Physical Sciences brings together the existing departments of Applied Physics and Instrumentation and the Department of Analytical Chemistry at CIT to offer highly valued undergraduate programmes in the following core areas:

  • Analytical Chemistry 

  • Instrumentation Calibration

  • Industrial Physics

  • Automation and Process Control

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Quality Assurance

Our well-established programmes have a key focus on providing graduates with the technical skills to meet the BioPharmaChem and manufacturing industry base, both regionally and nationally. Many of our graduates also move internationally with the highly transferrable skills acquired during their time at our department. 

Key to our department's programme delivery is an emphasis on hands-on practical training and problem-solving skills for working in todays rapidly changing industrial environment and the move towards the next (Industry 4.0) generation of manufacturing and BioPharmaCHem development. 

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