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BSc Industrial Physics - CK409 (UCC CAO entry)

BSc Industrial Physics - CK409 (Joint Degree UCC/CIT)


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Ireland's only jointly-awarded degree in a Physics discipline

The degree in Industrial Physics has been developed to meet the rapidly changing demands of a our modern economy and society where highly skilled and adaptable graduates with a strong grounding in fundamental Physics concepts are equipped with industrially-focussed training and expertise in areas such as Instrumentation and Automation.
This joint program between the Department of Physics at UCC and the Department of Physical Sciences CIT, offers students a unique training and educational experience based at both of these internationally regarded institutes.  

What do Industrial Physicists do?

Industrial Physicists work in a range of advanced manufacturing sectors where fundamental concepts in science are applied to manufacture hugh value products with precision and an advanced level of process control and automation. Sectors include BioPharmaceutical, Energy, IT Hardware Manufacturing, food and beverage, water management and aerospace/space. There is significant regional and national demand for these graduates, particularly in the BioPharmaceutical sector. 

What subjects will I study?

Students will study the exciting aspects of fundamental physics including nanotechnology, photonics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics that form the basis of todays state of the art and emerging technologies in addition to experiencing the modern industrial environment through applied training in subjects such as instrumentation, automation, process control and network security.


Is there Work Placement involved?

The program includes a mandatory third year placement of minimum 10 weeks at one of our industrial partners sites or associated research centres and a final year research phase, again based at either of the joint departments or associated research centres such the Tyndall National Institute and the Centre for Applied Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA). There are also opportunites to carry out research at one of our international partner sites. 


What core modules will you study?

Industrial Physics covers the following subject areas (a full list of modules can be found here):

Where can I find further information?


Interested in Industrial Physics?

Please contactour programme coordinators to discuss any aspects of this exciting new degree:
  • CIT Department of Physical Sciences: Dr Stephen Hegarty (; + 353 21 433 5595)
  • UCC Department of Physics: Dr Bryan Kelleher (; +353 21 490 4869)


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