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The Department of Physical Sciences offers programmes catering for both fulltime and part-time students. First year full-time students can apply through the CAO system or, where applicable, through the following options: 

  • Mature Student
  • Special Category
  • EU/Non-EU Applicants

For further details on each of these application routes offered by CIT, please see the CIT applications page

Part-time students should apply via the ACCS scheme (Accumulation of Credits and Certification of Subjects), which allows students to study one or more subjects at a time and obtain credit for each subject passed. Subjects are certified individually and may be accumulated to lead to a full higher certificate, bachelor degree or honours bachelor degree qualification. The Institute offers some evening courses through this system and in addition, accommodates some students on its full-time courses. Further details are available from the Admissions Office. For more information, click here

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Full-time programmes

Part-time programmes

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